Odds ‘n ends

Sometimes I do things that appear elsewhere on the internet. Here’s a list of those things. I’ll call it my “unofficial mini portfolio” just for fun. 🙂


December 2016 – Started working with Dave McIntyre, writer and winner of Alone Season 2, coordinating social media and other Alone Show news on his website Dave McIntyre Wilderness.

November 2016 – Quoted in an article on DearEnglishMajor.com called “Communication Tips From English Majors: How to Successfully Navigate Conversations on Politics”

November 2016 – Launched a new website for Cameron’s webcomic Stupid Talk: the web comic of bizarre word play and logical malapropism. He does all of the art/writing for the comic, and I do all of the website maintenance and social media.

March 2016 – Started my Esty shop called Ink Impressions where I type out quotes for people using an old manual typewriter.

February 2016 – Wrote a short article about race in a comic called “Krazy Kat” by George Herriman – “Krazy Kat” Spotlight – By Erica Lambright

March 2014 – Retired my old Blogspot site and started this one, the Captain’s Log.

December 2012 – Cameron and I started our own publishing company – Incandescence Press. We publish novels and literary non-fiction. At this point, it’s mostly Cameron’s work but we will bring other authors in at some point. It’s our dream project!