The Hidden Woodsmen Haversack Review

Howdy y’all! For today’s post, I wanted to essentially do a recap of what I’ve already created in a YouTube video, “The Hidden Woodsmen Haversack Review” for those folks out there that prefer pictures and words instead of video content.…
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Airyca’s Favorite Things #5 – Becker BK11

Airyca's Favorite Things #5 - Becker BK 11 | The Captain's Log | www.captainairyca.com

Designed by Ethan Becker (one of the nicest dudes on the planet) and manufactured by KA-BAR Knives, the BK11 is one of my favorite blades. Check this link for the full specs/info about the BK11 on Blade Forums. (Blade Forums is awesome…
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Urban Every Day Carry

Urban Every Day Carry | The Captain's Log | www.captainairyca.com

Just a quick post on what I’ve been carrying every day for the past few months! I know that a lot of ladies purses are a mysterious void, but I like to pull things out and evaluate what I’m carrying.…
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