When it comes to food, I’m weird. So I blog about it.

3 Ways to Make Your Low-carb Life Easier

Howdy y’all – This is random but I’ve been doing the low-carb (no sugar, rice, beans, wheat, potatoes, sugary fruits, etc.), paleo, dairy-free, egg-free, coconut-free thing for a while now and here’s a couple pro-tips: Make a “default” grocery list.  Use…
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Simple Vegan Banana Bread

Vegan Banana Bread | The Captain's Log |

I’m posting this recipe by request from several people who have recently consumed this particular banana bread. It’s an easy recipe, any of y’all can make this, and it’s delicious! The original recipe is from my grandma. Here is the…
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Yeast- Raised Vegan Donuts

Is it doughnut or donut?! I know I personally may not eat carbohydrates – but my husband loves them! Due to multiple food allergies and such, we make just about everything from scratch at home, and this particular recipe is…
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