Alone Show Season 5 Contestants?

Awwww yeah, who is excited for Season 5 of History Channel’s Alone Show?! Season 4 wrapped up just last week and at the end of the reunion episode, they played a brief trailer for season 5. I haven’t seen that trailer pop up anywhere online, but if you have on-demand set up for Alone, or stream the show, check out the end of the special episode called “Tales from the Island”.  If I can get my hands on a link I will update this post. Anywho, Season 5 looks to be a sort of “redemption season” where they’re bringing back select contestants that didn’t win from all of the previous Alone seasons so far.

In the trailer, there were audio clips of 9 contestants voices (although there will be 10 contestants most likely) that played with some images of scenery from a completely new location. I stream the show online, so my husband and I were able to pause and replay the trailer a few times after it aired to listen closely to the voices. I think we’ve identified most of the contestant’s voices that were in the trailer! Check out who we think might be on the next season.

The list is in the order that the voices played in the trailer. Remember, these are just guesses. Please comment below if you think I’ve guessed wrong! I’d love to know who everyone thinks is coming back! 🙂 I’ve got a couple with question marks next to their name because I’m not 100% sure it’s them, but I think we’ve gotten really close.

UPDATE: Here is a link to the audio file if you wish to listen for yourself! Thank you to Bonkerz on Bushcraft USA for posting this. 🙂

  1. Alex Ribar? – Season 4


  2. Brad RichardsonSeason 4

  3. Brody WilkesSeason 4

  4. Dustin FeherSeason 1

  5. Megan Hanacek – Season 3

  6. Randy Champagne? – Season 2

  7. Jose Martinez AmoedoSeason 2

  8. Sam LarsonSeason 1

  9. Larry RobertsSeason 2 


Okay! that’s what I’m guessing! I cannot wait to see who comes back. The different location looks amazing, and I’d love to see how people’s strategies change and adapt. What do you think?



  1. Jason

    Love the series, can’t wait for Season 5. If they do another hike, it seems like a machete could make all the difference. As a former surveyor, without trails you almost have to have one.

  2. Marriah

    Just in case nobody else has noticed, Callie has ghosted on social media and her shop website is down. #teamcallie

  3. Bonkerz

    I really like the whole redemption idea and will be looking forward to season 5. I’ve listened to that preview audio and I’m with you on Megan, Jose, Sam and Larry. Can’t say about the others.

    1. shhhh......

      Heres an insider tip: the voices you hear on the preview are not necessarily who will be on this next season. We are not sure why they included peoples voices who aren’t on it but there you go….Some of the folks on your list will be there this new season….but there are a few you need to reconsider.


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