Alone Show Contestants Social Media List – Season 4

Oh my goodness, I’m slow to get this out for y’all but guess what?! Season 4 of the Alone Show has already started! The first episode aired on June 15th on the History channel. This time, they have a big “twist” where the show is, well, not-so-alone. Seven pairs/teams of people who are competing this time for the big prize of $500,000. Technically, the show starts with the contestants separated, so there is still elements of “aloneness” to it. I’m excited to see the new dynamic of the show. This season is also back up on Vancouver Island.

Just like for season 3, I’m going to save the contestant’s biographies and link to them externally so that we don’t lose the information, as the History Channel just deletes everything after the show. If you’re looking for other Alone Show contestants social media profiles, don’t worry I’ve gotcha covered. Here’s season 1 & 2 and season 3. Thank you for stopping by, and please comment below if I missed something!



Ted and Jim Baird

Alone Show Biography / Website / Jim’s YouTube / Jim’s Twitter / Jim’s Facebook / Jim’s InstagramTed’s Instagram





Pete and Sam Brockdorff

Alone Show Biography








Brooke and Dave Whipple

Alone Show Biography / Website / Dave’s WebsiteBrooke’s YouTube / Dave’s YouTube / Brooke’s Facebook / Brooke’s Instagram






Brody and Chris Wilkes

Alone Show Biography / Chris’s Website / Chris’s YouTube / Brody’s Facebook / Chris’s FacebookChris’s Instagram






Shannon and Jesse Bosdell

Alone Show Biography







Alex and Logan Ribar

Alone Show Biography / Alex’s YouTube







Brad and Josh Richardson

Alone Show Biography / Website / YouTube / Brad’s Youtube / Twitter Facebook Instagram / Brad’s Instagram / Josh’s Instagram

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