Alone Show Contestants Social Media List – Season 3

Heck yes!! Season 3 of the Alone Show is finally here! The first episode will air December 8th, 2016 on the History channel. (They also post the episodes online for those of us without TVs.) Just in case you don’t know, Alone is a survival show where 10 contestants spend as long as they can in the wilderness, and whoever survives the longest wins $500,000. The first two seasons were located on Vancouver island, but this season they’ve moved the show to Patagonia, South America. This location presents a variety of new challenges and wildlife for the contestants that they may not have experienced before.

I have already posted the social media lists for seasons 1 and 2 contestants here if you’d like to check that out. It’s kinda fun to see what they’re up to after the show. In the original post I had linked to all of their biographies on the History channel’s website, but then History decided it would be a good idea to delete the bios! WHYYY? GAH! This time I’m going to save their biographies and link to them externally so that we don’t lose the information. Anywho, here are the contestants for season 3!

If you notice I’m missing a link for someone, please comment below and let me know. Thank you!


Zachary Fowler

Alone Show Biography / Website YouTube / Twitter Facebook / Instagram




Carleigh Fairchild

Alone Show Biography / Website





Megan Hanacek

Alone Show Biography / Twitter Instagram





Dave Nessia

Alone Show Biography / YouTube 





Callie North

Alone Show Biography / Website YouTube Facebook Page / Instagram





Greg Ovens

Alone Show Biography / Facebook





Dan Wowak

Alone Show Biography / Website YouTube / Twitter / Instagram





Britt Ahart

Alone Show Biography / Facebook





Zachary Gault

Alone Show Biography / Website YouTube / Instagram





Jim Sheilds

Alone Show BiographyFacebook Page / Twitter Instagram




If you notice I’m missing a link for someone, please comment below and let me know! Thank you!

Photo credits: History Channel


  1. Madysin

    Twitter link for Zach gault not working

    1. Captain Airyca (Post author)

      Thank you for the heads up! I’ve noticed sometimes the contestants start accounts and then delete them… I’ll fix it 🙂

  2. Bill Gilbert

    How did it go from 6 remaining contestants to 5 the next week and they never said anything about them leaving

  3. Sam

    Callie North has no Youtube or Twitter

    1. Captain Airyca (Post author)

      Oh! You know, I think she did for a while and then deleted them during a break from the Internet. I will clear out those links after I get off work today. Thank you!

  4. Mel Sawyer
    Callie North!! her facebook page is awesome 🙂 I just updated on your page here on the site wanted you to know as soon as I didi ok 🙂

    1. Captain Airyca (Post author)

      Oh! Good catch. It’s harder to find the ones that aren’t under their regular names. Thank you!!


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