Entering the world of YouTube with “Cameron and Erica’s Adventures”!

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Howdy y’all! This post is mostly a shameless plug for Cameron and I’s new project – the Youtube Channel called “Cameron and Erica’s Adventures”. Now, it’s a WIP for sure so we just have some basic stuff up there at the moment, but that should change in the future!

Essentially the channel is going to focus on cool adventures that Cameron and I go on. There are a lot of YouTube channels out there for the more classic travel destinations, but we don’t do the usual stuff for the most part. Our first lengthy video features our random adventure to Alma, Oregon (check the video, it barely exists :P). A lot of our hikes and long drives take us into parts of the wilderness that humans don’t see too often, which can be really fun. We decided that it would be a neat idea to share these adventures on the internets!

Another motivation for this channel is that we do want to get better at making videos as a whole. We’ve ordered a new camera, which will be a significant upgrade to our current point and shoot camera. I will probably end up doing a lot of behind the camera work, so I’m in the process of learning how to capture and edit video at a more professional level. This, coupled with Cameron’s story-telling ability, will evolve into something that I hope viewers who may not live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest can enjoy.

Please subscribe to our channel if you wish, and enjoy the video below!




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