New Years Resolutions

I’m not sure how I feel about New Years Resolutions. On one hand it’s nice to have an official reset button or starting point for achieving new goals, but on the other hand I feel like resolutions are not really taken seriously by most people and just reflect goals they want to achieve, but never set out to actually achieve them. Then it just makes you sad and when the next New Year comes around you either make the same goal that you won’t achieve or say that resolutions are stupid.

That being said, this past year I’ve learned that setting goals that challenge yourself that are possible to achieve is a good thing for me personally, and it feels pretty awesome when I make progress.

Last year, I posted my 2014 resolutions on Bladeforums. Here they are:

  • get better at rollerblading
  • be a good wife
  • go on at least one multi-day hiking trip with over 20 miles of hiking
  • hit goal weight by summer
  • get straight A’s

Overall, I feel like I did pretty good at achieving my resolutions, and I think some of the reasons for that is because I set reasonable goals. Pretty much every year before that I’d just say, “Oh, this year I’ll get a flat stomach” and then do NOTHING to achieve it and just be sad that every year I failed. As far as these resolutions go – I actually did some of them! I did get better at rollerblading, however I still have a long way to go. Cameron and I actually went rollerblading once or twice a week every week until about November, and then due to life crazyness it dropped to once every two weeks. Regardless, it was awesome and we hope to continue that habit in 2015. I also think I was a good wife, Cameron and I will be celebrating our first anniversary tomorrow actually, and we are incredibly happy. This year has been tough for us in many ways, but despite whatever happened to be going on, as far as our relationship went, it was really amazing. I’m thankful everyday to take on whatever happens in life with him at my side. The multi-day trip did not happen due to some knee injuries this summer, so we’ll have to try again this up coming year. We did spend a lot of time outdoors this year, so I’m not complaining.  I didn’t quite hit my goal weight by summer this year, but I did hit my first goal weight this fall. When I got there I realized that my goals are shifting more towards fitness, and I’d like to shed a bit more fat and add a little lean muscle. So 2015 is my “whip myself into shape” year. And yep, I totally got straight A’s!

So here are the resolutions for next year:

  • Continue being a good wife
  • Become proficient in backwards rollerblading
  • Do a multi-day hike
  • Become fit enough that I can do a 5k on a regular basis if I choose to do so, with the option of running a 10k as something that I could reasonably do
  • Do a real push-up, progress toward chin-up
  • Hit my “ultimate goal weight” and create habits to maintain it
  • Graduate from college
  • Post more stuff on my blog!
  • Spend less time on Reddit
  • Work more on Incandescence Press

The list is a little longer this year, but I’ve got a year to achieve it so LETS DO THIS 2015!!


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