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So…. I’m part of several social networks. With this post I’ll explain the point of each so if you want to follow me on the interwebs you’ll know what I’m doing with each site.

 Facebook. This is my social media outlet where I have to act like a normal human (mostly) because it’s where I network with most of my friends and family. I share photos and stories from my day to day life here. I don’t post a lot of crap on here because I don’t want to spam everyone’s social life with the plethora of images I find online that I think are hilarious, when in reality they probably aren’t that funny. Sometimes I’ll post articles on Facebook that I find interesting, but I don’t overwhelm my families feed with a lot of posting.

Pinterest. This is one of my favorite things on the internets. I love creating lists of things that I like or want and I love to be organized. I also love pretty pictures. But it’s also a culmination of useful links that sort of outline my interests. Pinterest is awesome because it’s sort of like shopping. You can browse for things you think are lovely and add them to your boards, and then they’re “yours”. You’re not actually spending money or owning these items, but the sort of ownership of these images make me happy. I can “stress shop” and browse things that I like and enjoy much in the same way that someone can go to the mall, and then “buy”(pin) the items and place them in my “closet” (boards). Isn’t that just great? Plus the mall doesn’t have knives and photos of nature or fashion pieces you’d only find in NYC.

 Twitter. Twitter is probably the social networking site that I don’t know what the heck I’m actually doing on there. Usually my tweets are posted to Facebook too – so I don’t tweet like a crazy person, buy my tweets do tend to be sillier. I don’t even know if anyone actually follows me on twitter anyway, but whatevs. I usually tweet from my phone, and the app loads faster than Facebook, so yep.

 Instagram. I love taking photos, and Instagram is a way pretend you’re artsy-fartsy with out actually being an artist. I’ve always enjoyed photography, but time constraints and lack of equipment prevents me from really doing much with actual photography, but the photo sharing of Instagram lets me sort of pretend. It’s also a super simple, fun way to share my pics that maybe aren’t “Facebook worthy” but I still want to post.

 Tumblr. I just created a Tumblr blog recently. I didn’t need another time vampire on the internets, but I think that it has a place in my social networking profile. I plan to use tumblr for silliness. Like random thoughts I have that are totally weird (that aren’t actually worthy of sharing with real family or friends) and tons of funny things I find on the internet. I stumble across a lot of silly images and such online, and tumblr is where I will post these things. I previously used Pinterest, but it just wasn’t working with what I wanted my Pinterest to be, because a lot of these images don’t mesh with the other more organized, purposeful content. I feel like tumblr has this youthful vibe where I can just be a weirdo and keep it all contained on that site instead of Facebook or this blog.

And then of course there is this blog! (which you can visit on your own, or follow via RSS.) This blog is a place where I can do gear reviews, post recipes that I’ve created, write my thoughts, etc. This blog is for content that is almost entirely created by me, not just re-pinned or shared content from other people. This will be a place where I would consider the content to be more high-quality if you’re looking to actually read things that I care about.

So that about sums it up. I think about these things too much I’m sure. Feel free to follow me on one or all of these social networking sites, just know that each of them serves a separate purpose for me and depending on the content you care about will determine where you choose to follow me.


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